The Cup Fund - A new fund to scale paper cup recycling

Have you got an idea to boost paper cup recycling in a location near you?


About the fund

Hubbub, with the support of Starbucks, launched ‘The Cup Fund’, the UK’s largest grant fund to support ambitious projects that boost paper cup recycling in the UK.

The aim of the fund is to kickstart cup recycling across the UK. It will introduce new recycling facilities, create new partnerships and deliver high quality behaviour change communications across the UK.

Grant funding of between £50,000 to £100,000 has been made available to each successful project. As well as the funding, Hubbub will provide ongoing support to successful applicants based on our expertise and experience in delivering paper cup recycling campaigns.

The fund is supported by Starbucks pioneering 5p cup charge which is applied when a customer chooses to use a single-use paper cup. Introduced voluntarily last year, Starbucks has donated all funds to Hubbub to support recycling and sustainability efforts. 


What makes a successful project?

We’re looking for projects that demonstrate specific qualities and meet our eligibility requirements.


About Hubbub

We’re a charity that creates environmental campaigns with a difference. We're positive and design playful campaigns that inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices, which more often than not help save money and bring people together.

We concentrate on things people are passionate about and are relevant day-to-day, like fashion, food, homes and neighbourhoods. We keep things simple, offering practical and realistic solutions that help people to cut waste, make clothes last longer, save money and create cleaner spaces to live and work in.


Why is Starbucks involved?

Starbucks first opened in the UK in 1998 with one store on the King’s Road in London. Since day one, sustainability has been a top priority with a discount in place for anyone bringing in their own tumbler. It now stands at 25p and, as a business, Starbucks is invested in measures to protect the planet for tomorrow and beyond. That means taking active steps to reduce impact on the environment and taking responsibility for the local communities near its stores. That’s why Starbucks took the decision last year to introduce a 5p cup charge on single-use paper cups in an effort to reduce plastic waste and encourage customers to choose to reuse with their own cup or tumbler. All funds are donated to Hubbub to support recycling and sustainability efforts.