Why we are launching the fund

Hubbub is an environment charity seeking to inspire positive environmental change. The partnership with Starbucks will reduce the environmental impact of paper cups. Starbucks has a three-fold strategy:


1. Encourage customers to bring reusable cups

In the UK Starbucks offers customers a 25p discount if they bring a reusable cup. In addition, Starbucks was the first company to add a 5p charge on paper cups. This charge has more than doubled the number of customers bringing reusable cups. Funding from the charge is donated to Hubbub, who are using it to increase awareness of the need to reduce plastic pollution, to boost take-up of reusable cups and to increase cup recycling.


2. Invest in the coffee cup of the future

Investing £xx million in the coffee cup of the future: one that is produced sustainably and can be widely recycled across the UK.


3. Make recycling easier for customers

The £1 million fund will make it easier for customers to recycle current disposable cups by boosting cup recycling infrastructure and communications in at least ten busy locations across the UK.